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5 Simple Steps to Getting Positive Google Customer Reviews


Prior to purchasing a product, an overwhelming majority (up to 95%) of prospects will seek reviews. Ensuring that your Google reviews are majorly positive will boost your Google My Business listing, brand awareness, and overall increase the likelihood of new business. So, how do you get more positive Google reviews?

1. Respond to all reviews immediately.
Whether the review is positive or negative, have a dedicated team member to respond to Google reviews. If it’s a positive review, thank the customer for taking the time to leave feedback. On the other hand, if it’s a negative review, ensure your response is thoughtful, prompt, and professional. The longer the negative review remains unaddressed, the more prospective customers are likely to come across the review painting your brokerage in a bad light. Take the conversation off the public eye and offer to email or give the disgruntled customer a call.

2. Monitor social media accounts to connect with customers. 
Social media platforms allow you to quickly respond to questions and customer complaints. It also allows customers to interact with you more frequently and increases your chances of getting positive Google reviews. With a HubSpot Marketing Professional Hub, you can monitor all social media platforms in one central place and you can also opt-in to receive a daily or weekly report.

3. Aim for a percentage, not a number.
As you receive more reviews, chances are you’ll receive some negative ones as well. No matter how hard you work on providing a satisfactory customer experience, there will always be some people who have had one negative experience.
Aim for a goal percentage of positive reviews rather than a goal number. For example, maintain 80% of positive reviews. So no matter whether you have 10 reviews or 100 of them, you’ll have an average percentage of positive reviews as the benchmark. 

4. Display the Google Customer Reviews badge on your site
Google allows you to add a badge to any page of your website showcasing your average rating. If your average is high, be sure to add it to your website. This will entice future prospects to trust and purchase from you.

5. Be kind and patient.
Remain kind and respectful when someone leaves you a harsh review. Put yourself in the customers' shoes and think of what you could do to turn them around. This is an opportunity to win loyal clients after a negative experience.

Building a strong Google review rating can take time. You shouldn’t manipulate your customers to leave you positive reviews. That being said, don’t miss the opportunity to ask them for one after they’ve purchased a policy or after you’ve successfully processed a claim for instance. As a Platinum HubSpot partner, we can help you automate this process - making it even easier to collect positive Google reviews.

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