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There are more Android phones than iPhones out there, but App usage is still heavily on the iOS side.

Should you develop your Brokerapp or custom app for both platforms? What about for Windows and BlackBerry? While Android and Windows smart phones are increasing in popularity (Android 55.3% ahead of iOS 32% - Q3 2013 Australian market stats) it's iOS users that make the most of apps.

As of November 2013, iTunes App Store has 63% of paid app revenue with Google Play on 37%. (Stats from, 5th December 2013).

An article in (October 29, 2013) says Apple doesn't really compete with Android and they cater to different markets with different needs, and those who buy 'cheap' Android smart phones were never in Apple's market to begin with.

The stats above show while there are more Android phones in use, it's still the iPhone users actually utilising apps.

So back to your app.. where do you spend your budget? iOS is essential. Having an Android version is a good idea, but developing for Windows phones when they only have 4% of the market would be a hold unless your budget is burning a hole in your pocket. BlackBerry the same... apparently one-third of BlackBerry apps are built by a single developer…

(Photo : Reuters)

Posted by Jason Cross, 9th December 2013

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