Drivers willing to use smartphone apps to make claims

Research by Etouch Solutions shows more than a quarter of motorists would definitely use apps.

More than one in four motorists would definitely use a smartphone app to report insurance claims although only 3% are aware that their current insurer provides such a facility according to research by Etouch Solutions.

The technology company said its nationwide study also shows that 41% of drivers might use an app if it was offered in addition to the 26% who definitely would.

The research, conducted by Consumer Intelligence, indicates 90% of motorists use the phone to make claims, but just 20% have no concerns about making claims on the phone.


Drivers are generally satisfied with the claims service from insurers although 56% would be put off by having to ring a foreign call centre while 47% are worried about being put on hold.

David McKane, technical director of etouch solutions, said: “Apps are part of everyday life for millions of us and it makes sense that they would be popular for reporting insurance claims.”

He added: “Insurers already do a good job in processing claims but apps would help them further enhance their service and reduce costs as well as helping motorists make claims more efficiently.”

Source: Insurance Age | 05 Jan 2016

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