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Go Digital but Think Human – human centric digital transformation


With Covid-19 accelerating digital business practice, it is important to keep in mind that it is still human users interacting with digital. Your clients’ User Experience (UX) – how they experience your digital business – affects their overall Customer Experience (CX) with your company and ultimately your bottom line.

Keeping the human experience front-and-centre as you update your operations will keep your customers happy and your business moving forward. If the client’s digital experience of your company isn’t good as well as effective, it is unlikely that they will remain a client or recommend your business to others.

Keeping UX central to your business digital strategy is vital. In digital business transformation this means using human centric design principles – basing new products and services on how people need and want to perform tasks rather than expecting your clients to change to meet the product or service. Simple, convenient, easy to adopt and use digital solutions will free up time for better quality human interaction.

For digital marketing this means:

Website – make sure your website is sharp and easy to navigate, users must quickly and easily find the information they need and it works well on a mobile device. Read more here.

Lead generation – any contact details your clients give you on a form should allow you to connect with them and offer the best product with high quality personalised customer service. Read more about Hubspot and our lead generation services here.

Live chat – if your client can’t find what they are looking for on your website can they connect easily with your via a live chat option or find your phone number or email address for direct contact?

Social media – are you connecting with your audience via social media? Social media humanises your brand allowing more relaxed communication that is less ‘salesy’ and more awareness focussed than other marketing channels.

CRM – does your office use a good CRM to keep your customer contact regular, up to date and relevant?

We can help you with all of your digital marketing to build your digital presence and create leads so that you have more time for personalised engagement with your clients. Contact Jason today for a chat.