Google Chrome is removing the secure indicator from HTTPS sites

Sites that aren’t secure will be marked as ‘not secure’

Google is changing the visual cues for HTTPS in Chrome browsers, starting in September. Sites using HTTPS will no longer trigger the green “Secure” text that usually appears in the address bar on Chrome.

Then in October, sites visited with Chrome that don’t have HTTPS certificates will trigger a red “Not secure” label when entering text.

What's HTTPS?  it’s a more secure version of HTTP, acting as a secure communication protocol for users and websites, making it harder for eavesdroppers to snoop on you. Your data is kept secure from third parties, so most modern sites are employing this technology.

So, why the change? Google’s argument is, “users should expect that the web is safe by default.

Google’s counterclaim is that HTTPS is becoming cheaper and easier to integrate, which is true. Contact us, to get to it, if you haven’t already. We supply a free SSL Certificate with all hosting accounts.

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