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Server Upgrade – July


We’re in the process of upgrading our dedicated web hosting hardware with completion on Monday morning 20 July. This last stage needs to be done during business hours with senior server tech’s available and there will be a short period of downtime, around 15 minutes where your website will be offline.

We’ve already copied over your website and tested it on the new server. A final copy of the site will be completed on Sunday 19th July in the evening to make sure all files are up to date and then we’ll make the IP address switch on Monday morning.

Please avoid any content updates to your website from Saturday 19th to Monday 20th July.

Our dedicated server is supplied and maintained by Digital Pacific, one of the leading hosting providers in Australia. The server upgrade is needed because the operating system CloudLinux6 has a scheduled end of life of life date of November 2020. The new hardware will be using CloudLinux 7 with cPanel.

We use Cloud Linux & Cpanel for

  • Improved stability
  • Advanced server security
  • Increased server efficiency
  • Multiple PHO version to choose from
  • Hardened kernel – makes the sever more secure, protects against symlink attacks and trace exploits
  • An admin interface within cPanel software to easily manage account usage.

All accounts include

  • 7 day rolling daily back ups
  • 24X7 managed services & support
  • 40GB ethernet backbone in a Sydney based infrastructure
  • Dell EMC hardware
  • Bandwidth provided to suit your website requirements
  • Disk space as needed

A confirmation email will be sent to all hosting customers to advise the cut over have been completed.