Smartphone dead before 3pm?

Here are 5 tips to extend its battery life:

Do your spring-cleaning!

To avoid serious lag times, make sure you regularly remove any apps, photos, documents or text messages that you don’t use or need.

Power down regularly.

Simply allowing your phone to power down for a few minutes at least once a week will help it run more effectively, and this will also extend its useful life.

Keep the battery in good shape.

The single, most important thing you can do to get the most out of your smartphone is to put it on the charger when it reaches a battery life of 75%. Waiting until the battery life hits 25% will dramatically reduce its ability to receive and hold a charge.

Make the most of cloud storage.

Cloud storage is one of the best ways to ensure your phone never becomes clogged with too much data. This will enable you to run a tight, lean device, and it will minimise the risk of data loss if something goes wrong.

Look up once in a while!

How many hours are you spending looking at that your smartphone everyday? It may seem obvious, but to preserve your smartphone’s battery, why not try putting it down for a few hours?

Original Source: Lifehack 2016

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