Time to secure your website

Earlier this year the Chrome web browser made a change in the way is displays websites that use/don't use HTTPS.

Pages that collect passwords or credit card numbers will get a very obvious Not Secure displaying in red in the address bar unless the website has an SSL installed and configured correctly. This the beginning of a staged roll out to encourage all websites to move to an https environment. With Google Chrome taking the lead you can be sure all other browsers will follow.

Websites that display a nice green Secure in the address bar will undoubtedly get a more favourable response from visitors even if the website does not capture data or credit card details.

The demonstration of added security on your website will add to the visitors trust of your website, company & brand. Most SSL Certificates also provide a trust logo that you can add to your website and when a visitor clicks or hovers over the trust logo, details of the SSL Certificate display. Check out the Comodo trust logo in the footer of this website for an example.

To get your site secure your developer (us) or hosting company can provide the SSL Certificate, these typically last 12 months and costs range from a few dollars to many thousands of dollars. Speak to your developer about what type of SSL you need first.

Once the SSL Certificate is installed your developer will need to change the website config (particularly for existing websites) and change internal links, image links, menu and navigation areas and general testing. The process typically takes a couple of hours.

If your website was developed by Bark Productions, we typically charge $250+GST for purchase and set up of the SSL and changes to your website to get it all to work.

Contact support@barkproductions.net.au if you would like us to review your website to get it secure.

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