When to expect your new website to be on Google

We have just finalised your website and now it is finally live for the world to see. You want to make sure that your clients can find you, so you google your business name, but it's not showing up in Google! What the.

This is completely normal, and to understand why this is happens, we first need to understand how Google works. 

What is google?

Google is a search engine that we use to find a variety of information such as, websites, images and articles. It uses a computer program called a ‘web crawler’ that looks at all the billions of websites that exist on the world wide web then looks through all the content to find ‘keywords’. Then it will index the website so that when you search for the word ‘flowers’ for example, Google can then show you all the websites that have information about flowers.

How long does it take for Google to index my website?

You can test if your site has been indexed by putting your exact URL into the search bar, and searching for it. (example: www.yourwebsite.com.au)

There is no exact time frame to know when it will happen. Your site could get indexed within a matter of days, or weeks, sometimes even longer. Even though you can’t force Google to index your site, there are some things you can do to help speed up the process.


Having quality, and useful content with relevant keywords. Key words can be a single word, or a few that make up a short phrase. These should be terms that are relevant to your website, and something people are likely to search for in Google.


Backlinks are links on a different website that direct the user to your site. It’s what search engines are looking for. The more there are, the better. There are lots of places where you can put a backlink to your site, you just have to find them. Start by going to your social media accounts like Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube and make sure you have a link that goes back to your website. This works because it gives your website a better chance at getting found by Google. If you have multiple websites linking back to your website, Google gives you a higher page credibility and search ranking.