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Why Outsource Creative Content


Whatever your goals may be and wherever you are on your business journey, there’s one constant – you need to get people’s attention. And one of the best ways to do that is through content – relevant, educational, and consistent creative content. Content marketing is important because it helps you build trust, generate leads, build a loyal customer base; the list is endless. Your content brings your business and brand in front of potential clients. The aim is to cement yourself as an industry leader so that next time they are requiring the services you offer, you are the first brand that comes to their mind.

We know that consistent and high-quality content is a huge task and quite frankly you’d rather focus on your core competencies and what business does best right? You’re not alone. Outsourcing creative content has become increasingly popular and here’s why.

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  1. Expertise in the field: Outsourcing marketing services to the experts yields a higher return on investment. Experts know better, bring in a pool of fresh ideas, and take away the stress and frustration that comes with trying to make good content. At Bark Productions, not only do we know marketing, both print and digital but we also solely cater to the insurance brokerage industry. What does that mean? Well, we’re the best at what we do. Our expertise allows us to deliver creative content that is highly relevant to your business and the audience you’re targeting – all done in a timely manner.
  2. Flexibility: No matter how large or small your organisation is, your marketing needs are likely to grow and evolve with time. Relying on internal resources if you’ve got any, means asking already high-performing content marketing teams to squeeze extra deliverables onto their crowded plates. Outsourcing content allows you to essentially pick and choose when you’d like content to see more activity but also what type of content you’d like to see more of.
  3. Lower costs: Outsourcing content creation is incredibly cost-effective, you pay for the content you order and the expertise they offer – that’s it. In comparison, the costs of hiring and maintaining an in-house staff to carry out the same responsibilities are far larger – salary, equipment, training, and all the overheads that come with an extra employee. Outsourcing allows you to access the right talent to execute your strategy when you need it, all with a more flexible financial investment.

Now if you’re seriously considering outsourcing your content, there are a few more things you’d like to keep in mind

  • Tenure of current clients: How long has the agency been around and just as importantly, how long have their clients been with them. If clients are staying for multiple years, that’s a good indication that they’re satisfied and continuously growing with the agency.
  • What software are they currently using? What is their level of expertise using the platform? For example, here at Bark Productions, we’re a HubSpot Platinum Solution Partner. From lowest to highest the tiers are gold, platinum, diamond, and elite. Partners are placed in tiers using a combination of metrics, looking at monthly recurring revenue (MRR) acquired and managed, retention, software engagement and actual inbound marketing success.
  • Extensive and specific industry experience in your field. While some agencies may have experience across several industries, you’ll likely see the most success by working with experts in your field. Bark Productions is a multi-disciplinary creative agency 100% dedicated solely to the insurance industry.

Well, there you have it. If you’re looking at increasing your marketing game and are looking for options, outsourcing is a flexible, cost-effective way to do so; plus you’ll get added expertise and increased flexibility.

Need help with upping your marketing game? Reach out today!