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Why social media marketing and advertising?


In a world where information is seemingly unlimited, attention is scarce and multitasking is a myth. When you capture attention you have power.


data source: Globalwebindex Flagship Report 2020

If you aren’t getting your customers attention while they are scrolling how can you sell to them? Social media is where you reach your customers when their attention is focussed away from the rest of the world’s distractions. The challenge is to capture attention with engaging content that stops customers scrolling and starts them clicking through to your website. Your business social media content needs to be a good mix of product information, calls to action and other relevant content (no dad jokes). Good content will encourage engagement (reactions and followers) that will grow into customer leads.

Brand awareness on social media is a well-established business practice however coordinated, targeted strategic and creative campaigns will lead to a better return on your marketing investment. You need to carefully craft your messaging to balance brand-building posts with specific sales related posts to convert your target audience into clients.

So how do you know you are reaching your target audience? A post relying on organic reach may well be a viral hit but this is rare and a viral post doesn’t guarantee commercial success. Unfortunately organic reach is shrinking so businesses need to consider using the advertising features of each platform to grow their business exposure in keeping with the platform culture. Including advertising in your marketing strategy, even with a small spend, lets you to specify your target audience so that you reach the people most likely to buy your product.

At Bark Productions we can extend your existing digital marketing to social media and you can start capturing your clients attention from where you know they are 2 hours and 24 minutes a day.

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