Wordpress Security

Web and cyber security is a topic you will see daily in the insurance and mainstream media. When it comes to your WordPress website it’s critical that there are security measures in place to prevent hacks and malware.

Not only would your business be affected if your website was offline but malware can see you blacklisted on the net and that will also affect your emails and reputation.

Your website will never be 100% secure and it’s likely that you will be affected by a hack at some stage. Hackers won’t be targeting your website specifically but looking for vulnerabilities to exploit within WordPress. WordPress update their core software often, with each new release the developers add features and patch security vulnerabilities so you need to keep your website up to date. Unfortunately the plugins, themes and WordPress are all seperate components and release updates on their own schedules.

Generally the theme and plugin developers will follow a WordPress update with their own update, but in some cases an update to WordPress may break a plugin too so you need a managed approach to updates.

Benefits of Updates

  • Security Updates - Open source means anyone can study the WordPress code and improve it, they can also find ways to break it. Security updates are critical.
  • New Features - Tech is always improving, every major update to WordPress delivers some great new features. Your experience will only improve with updates.
  • Speed - a key factor in SEO and usability for all whether desktop or mobile. Each new release will have various performance enhancements that will benefit the site speed of your website.
  • Bug fixes - there will always be bugs to fix in any code.

Add on Security - we use Wordfence Premium

Wordfence has a free and a premium offering. The premium version has a small annual cost but is well worth it. Malware scanning, IP blocking, blocking failed logins where deemed a hack attempt, firewall, stops brute force attack and so much more. Check out the Wordfence features here I highly recommend it.

A Managed Approach.

So of you’re keen to be hands on with your WordPress site, that’s great. If you haven’t got the time or just not interested though we’ve got a solution for you. Check out our Site Management Plan for what we can offer to protect your site.

Any questions feel free to enquire online or call Jason Cross on 1300 768 420.

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